Analysis of existing problems of concrete mixer industry

  • HM Machinery

Concrete mixer is on behalf of a national manufacturing industry level, concrete mixer is the fundamental infrastructure facilities, high demand throughout the construction machinery industry occupies a large proportion of our concrete mixer now also been greatly developed, product performance has been greatly improved.

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But as more and more companies to join the market competition has become increasingly fierce. Situation concrete mixer machine is one of many domestic manufacturers, large number of products, such a situation might lead to similar specifications of the product is incomplete, repetitive production, concrete mixer overcapacity, sluggish sales, many of the manufacturers product backlog, there has been a loss of situation.

First, the main reason is technological innovation ability, a lot of companies do not pay attention to product development, few varieties and specifications, low-tech, so long in the past led to the industry homogeneity, the lack of strong competition compared with some companies abroad reliability is not high, so a lot of high-end machinery also need to rely on foreign imports, especially some of the important parts mixer.

Therefore,HAOMEI think that in futureconcrete mixer industry needs to recognize the status quo business, from product development to start, continue the development of a high reliability of the new competitive products, eliminate a number of backward production capacity of enterprises, so as to give concrete mixer industry to inject new vitality.


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