Common Faults in Batching Machine

  • HM Machinery

There are some common faults in batching machine. What are they? After reading this article, tell me your answer.


Concrete batching plant’s batching system refers to PLD batching machine. PLD batching machine is one of the main equipment in HZS series of concrete batching plant. PLD batching machine is equally important with concrete mixer.

PLD batching machine uses electronic weighing system, so there are some common faults in batching machine. All we have to do is to timely find the faults.

Common faults in batching machine are: control system is out of control or appears failure during batching materials. The reasons of causing these faults are:

Faults are caused by electric source of batching machine or electrical equipment around batching machine. How to deal with this problem? Close electric source and restart batching machine and place electrical equipment that easily produce interference far away from concrete batching plant.

The power supply voltage is too high or too low. To deal with this, users need to equip batching machine with voltage stabilizer.


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