How to choose the site of concrete batching plant

  • HM Machinery

Haomei machinery equipment company has been in this field for many years, and with more experience and skills, We mainly offer engineering concrete mixing plants, commodity concrete mixer, stabilized soil mixing station, concrete batching plant and other concrete plants.


we can offer you more solutions and maintenance tips for concrete mixing plant. here we will share some site choosing ideas with you. All the places within the concrete batching plant to be concrete hardened, demand the use of 20cm thick slices open rocks cushion, 15cm thick C15 concrete as a surface layer. near the site hardening in accordance with the low and high center of criteria, surface drainage slope of 4%, near the site should be set up drains, gutters underside selection M7.5 mortar plastering.

on the outside of the venue proper orientation settings grit wells and sewage filtration tank, stirred theconcrete batch plantprohibit the direct discharge of waste water. mixing station should be used in enclosed handle, located near •••• set walls, door entry and exit settings and suspension security, producing slogans.


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